The following staff list is organized by functional role.

Office of the President & CEO

Legislative, Public & Member Affairs

Oversees legislative issues, public affairs, business development and the membership functions of the agency
  • Michael A. Curry, Esq., Legislative Affairs Director & Senior Counsel
  • Kaitlin McColgan, Health Affairs & Special Initiatives Director
  • Kerin O'Toole, Public Affairs Director
  • Cheryl Shaughnessy, Membership Services Director
  • Robert Spellane, MPA, Community & Business Development Director
  • Thomas (TJ) Souza, Intern

Clinical Health Affairs

Oversees the agency's primary care and quality initiatives, clinical leadership development, and overall clinical programming
  • Joan Pernice, RNC, MS, Clinical Health Affairs Director
  • Leslie Bailey, MPH, MBA, Primary Care Workforce Initiatives Manager
  • Antonia Blinn, Project Manager
  • Elizabeth Jackson, MPH, Quality Initiatives Practice Coach
  • Barbara Proffitt, RN, NCQA PCMH CCE, Quality Initiatives Manager
  • Lauren Rockoff, Primary Care Workforce Initiatives Program Coordinator

Health Center Controlled Network

Oversees health information management and technology technical assistance to health centers and other agencies
  • Diana Erani, MBA, Health Center Controlled Network Director
  • Mark Josephson, Clinical & Business Systems Data Analyst
  • Jennifer Kincaid, HCCN Project Coordinator
  • Russell Tyler, Information Systems Manager

Health Resources & Policy

Oversees the tracking of health policy and regulatory issues affecting health centers and their patients
  • Patricia Edraos, JD, MBA, MPH, Health Resources/Policy Director
  • Rebekah Fiehn, Public Health Program Coordinator
  • E. Beck Furniss, MSW, Health Policy Analyst
  • Liz Sanchez, MPH, Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator
  • Shannon Wells, MSW, Oral Health Affairs Manager

Technical Services

Oversees a range of technical assistance focused on health center development; special populations; technical services; grants management; federal regulation and initiatives; data analysis; emergency preparedness and website management
  • Mary Ellen O'Driscoll, Technical Services & Special Populations Director
  • Nehemie Bernard, Emergency Management Assistant
  • Mary Leary, Program & Policy Analyst
  • Michael Malloy, Connecticut River Valley Farmworker Health Program Coordinator
  • Stephen Walsh, Connecticut River Valley Farmworker Health Program Administrative Assistant
  • Tina Wright, Emergency Management Program Manager & Public Information Coordinator

Workforce Development

Oversees a wide breadth of training and education programs for health center executives, managers, clinicians, administrative staff, board members, community residents, and a national student-volunteer corps
  • Janice Brathwaite, MM, Workforce Program Manager
  • Denise McCauley, Training & Education Manager
  • AmeriCorps HealthCorps Participants

Administration & Finance

Oversees the administrative, human resources, facility management, and financial services functions of the agency and our affiliates
  • David K. Concannon, Finance & Administration Director
  • Elizabeth Bench, MBA, Accounting Manager
  • Michael Dixon, Accounting Assistant
  • Dale Kilgore, Receptionist

CommonWealth Purchasing Group, LLC

A wholly-owned group purchasing subsidiary of the League
  • Richard Bryant, MBA, Program Director
  • Scott Halterman, Assistant Director
  • Daniel Caronia, Senior Sales Executive
  • Philip DuBois, Administrative Coordinator
  • Scott C. Mason, Member Services Representative
  • Brittany Resendes, Member Communications Coordinator


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