The League's Clinical Health Affairs Department provides a broad range of support to community health center physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, other clinicians and quality improvement managers as they work to provide the highest quality care to their patients. The department manages innovative clinical collaborations that target health disparities and improve patient health; offers resources and continuous support and training for quality improvement; lends expertise in areas related to clinical health policy; and creates opportunities for leadership and networking among health center clinicians.

Primary Care

Primary care is widely considered to be the foundation of a well performing health system. Massachusetts community health centers have long been recognized as high performers, both in the health care they provide and the money they save. Providing both access to and coordination of health care for over 988,000 state residents, they are deeply invested in finding ways to improve the accessibility, quality, safety and efficiency of primary care. The League and several of its member health centers are currently engaged in two projects aimed at strengthening the role and impact of primary care to improve patient health and lower health costs.


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