Primary Care/Behavioral Health Special Projects Program

This program aims to engage and retain primary care and behavioral health providers in community settings across Massachusetts while supporting innovative on-the-ground projects that advance the ability of community-based provider organizations to succeed in an accountable care environment. The program accomplishes this goal by awarding one-year grants to community health centers (CHCs), community mental health centers (CMHCs; inclusive of community-based mental health centers, substance use programs, and psychiatric day treatment programs), and emergency service programs (ESPs) participating in MassHealth payment reform) and Community Service Agencies (CSA), Community Partners (CP) and their Affiliated Partners and Consortium Entities, and organizations contracted with a MassHealth ACO to provide In-Home Therapy (IHT) to support provider-led projects related to accountable care implementation. The Primary Care/Behavioral Health Special Projects Program will support approximately 120 provider-led projects over the course of the program's five years. Up to $40,000 in funding will be available for each project.

Program Information (Coming Soon!):

  • Program Overview
  • Eligible Organizations
  • Primary Care/Behavioral Health Special Projects Application

Other Resources (Coming Soon!):

  • Informational Webinar

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