Community Health Center Special Projects Grant

In an effort to stabilize the current primary care provider workforce in community health centers, and to cultivate the next generation of primary care leaders, the League manages the Community Health Center Special Projects Grant for primary care clinicians who wish to pursue career development opportunities.

The Community Health Center Special Projects Grant was developed to assist centers in the retention of providers at community health centers by providing funding to support qualified and approved projects that match the clinical or career interest of selected providers and the programmatic needs of the Health Center. The funding made available by this grant assists community health centers in offering paid designated employment time for a primary care provider (or group of providers) to undertake the special projects, mini-fellowships or international health experiences.

Under this Request for Proposals, the League is inviting applications from health center providers and their respective community health center employers. The grant maximum is $40,000 and may be used for salary, fringe benefits and tax expenses, and other direct costs of the projects as defined in the RFP. The grant period will be one year and projects, fellowships, and international health experiences need to be initiated and completed during the year. The application cycle is currently closed.

For a summary list of recent CHC Special Project grant recipients, click below:

Please forward questions about the RFP to Leslie Bailey and Lauren Rockoff.


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