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As part of our prevention efforts related to COVID-19, the Connecticut River Valley Farmworker Health Program, has prepared recommendations below for migratory and seasonal agricultural worker health programs to incorporate into their outreach strategy. These strategies are focused on prevention and preparation for potential cases affecting agricultural workers. Additional recommendations may be released as the situation changes.

To reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19, we recommend continuously consulting the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health as circumstances are changing. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has COVID-19 Printable Fact Sheets (available in multiple languages).

Migratory and seasonal agricultural workers are a special population that may face additional risks due to their working and living conditions:

  • Agricultural workers often live in large groups and in close conditions
  • Many agricultural workers arrive by bus and can face increased risk due to close proximity with a sick passenger
  • Lack of access to resources can include lack of access to soap, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Lack of access to information may mean that agricultural workers have not yet received the latest recommendations around COVID-19 prevention and awareness

Here are some steps that you can take now to prepare:

**Please remember that outreach staff are not expected to meet all of the patients' needs alone, nor to be first responders. The federal and state agencies are preparing quickly to meet this health concern.

Updated: July 2020


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