Community Health Center Readiness Program

The Community Health Center (CHC) Readiness Program aims to bring CHCs in Massachusetts to a level playing field in regards to the knowledge base and core competencies essential to their meaningful participation in value-based payment and accountable care. The program offers a dedicated Learning Collaborative in each of the five years of the DSRIP contract. It brings together teams of CHC leaders, providers, and staff members from to advance their knowledge and work practices specific to a selected aspect of payment reform. Technical assistance (TA) will be available in between the in-person Learning Collaborative sessions to aid CHC teams in implementing lessons learned within their CHC in order to ensure that all participating CHCs achieve the tangible goals outlined for the Learning Collaborative, regardless of their initial starting place.

Each year's Learning Collaborative will focus on moving CHCs forward within a single, well-defined focus area. The Learning Collaborative focus area will be selected annually via structured discussions with CHCs and other experts in the field. All Learning Collaboratives will follow the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Breakthrough Series model, which features a series of in-person learning sessions, as well as structured hands-on "action periods" during which new learning is applied within participating organizations to move those organizations closer to achieving a stated common goal. As noted, TA providers will work with CHCs individually during these action periods to assist them in closing the gap between what is known and what is done.

CHCs must be in an ACO to be eligible to participate in the CHC Readiness Program.

Click HERE for a description of the year one Learning Collaborative.