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COVID-19 Vaccine Materials

Our 1M+ health center patients, representing low-income Massachusetts residents from diverse backgrounds, have more COVID-19 vaccine concerns than the general public. We see this as a good sign: They are deeply interested in protecting their health and that of their families. We are, too. But they haven't always received the information they need and the treatment they deserve. We understand that, so we're taking a different approach.

Starting in February 2021, we began a COVID-19 vaccine community engagement campaign founded on our deep respect for the people we serve. We are encouraging staff throughout our health centers to have open-ended, nonjudgmental conversations with patients about their vaccination plans. We want to listen to whatever is on their minds, answer their questions and concerns with clear and accurate information, and then let them make their own decisions. To support this effort, we have created a suite of multilingual educational materials, both print and video, for health centers to use with patients; later, we will run an inspirational social media campaign to encourage everyone—especially those who know someone who's vaccine-hesitant—to get talking. We all want the pandemic to end. Let's get there—one conversation at a time!

Click below for COVID-19 vaccination information in the following languages and here to learn about how they were customized by group. Finally, you can find a comprehensive list of core questions and concerns in English here.

 - Arabic
 - Brazilian Portuguese
 - Cape Verdean Creole
 - Chinese
 - English
 - Haitian Creole
 - Khmer
 - Spanish
 - Swahili
 - Vietnamese

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Last Updated: 3/31/2021


COVID-19 Vaccine Education Materials

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