Let's Get There - The League’s COVID-19 Vaccine Community Engagement Campaign Materials

Good conversations have two parts, talking and listening. They help us make sense of the world and, sometimes, change our minds. The League's COVID-19 Vaccine Community Engagement Campaign is all about talking and listening. But the goal is not to persuade people to get vaccinated, although we welcome that outcome. The goal is to have a good conversation—and then to trust our patients to make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

All of our campaign materials are designed to support people in having these respectful conversations. They can be between health center staff and patients, between community health workers and patients, or among patients themselves with their families and friends. There are three types of materials, and they can all work together.

1. Tips for Talks — This is a simple guide for having open-ended, nonjudgmental conversations. They are written at a basic reading level and are available in 10 languages.

2. Common Questions and Concerns - Our common questions and concerns aren't like any others out there! They have been customized exactly for each population in Massachusetts, both in terms of what questions are included and in the order they are presented. The customizations were created by listening to the opinions of health center staff, community groups, and a community health worker advisory group (meet them here). They have also been carefully written to make them easy for health center patients to understand and use. They are available on the League website and can be used online or as printed handouts. Feel free to personalize them by adding your own logo! Get a comprehensive list of all the questions in English here.


  • Customized for each Massachusetts population according to feedback from the people who work most closely with them (updated monthly)
  • Written at a basic (5th grade) reading level and translated to 10 languages for easy comprehension
  • Lists kept as short as possible and answers, too, so they are not overwhelming for patients
  • Big fonts and lots of white space to make them even easier to read

3. Provider Videos - Again, our videos aren't like any other doctor videos out there! We asked Black and Latinx health center providers to talk about their experiences of the pandemic, the COVID-19 vaccine, and why they think people should get the shot. But we asked them to leave their lab coats at home and talk to us as if they were old friends, not as doctors giving medical advice! The result is real people sharing their truths, which we think is the only way to truly connect with patients around the risks and benefits of the vaccine. The Black provider videos are available on the League website and YouTube pages; the Latinx (in Spanish) will be posted shortly.

There are two types of videos:

A) A 30-minute video featuring Black and Latinx providers that is intended to be a conversation-starter for the vaccine-hesitant. This can be screened in online social hours through community organizations and faith-based organizations as a way to get people talking and asking questions. The League is also airing these on local access television throughout the state. Contact us for when and where.

B) Sets of short videos, organized by theme, that run from 1-3 minutes long, featuring Black and Latinx providers. These can be posted on health center or community partner social media. The League is using them for a paid Facebook advertising campaign in selected zip codes and/or cities and towns. A list and description of the short videos are on the English and (shortly) the Spanish campaign materials pages; please contact us at [ADDRESS] for links. They are also posted to the League YouTube channel.

Last Updated: 4/14/2021